Hey Girl! We are all about the ‪#‎FITDATES and ‪#‎SQUADGOALS here...we understand that looking good before and after you work out is important! So...we are in the business of pre and post workout threads to get you to the gym, then to your #FITDATE brunch with the babes because...Lycra & Latte's!

Hey Girl! Threads release a capsule collection with 4-5 pieces each season coinciding with the weather, in summer we represent the experience that the sunshine has on us, where as in winter we represent more of an inspirational message simply because – nobody is motivated in winter!

Every capsule collection we collaborate with 1 small business equally representing each season. During the summer months we work with juice companies or ice cream companies, where as Spring meaning rebirth and growth we work with inspirational business’s or people which pushes a fun aspect to how the season is changing.

Each season will represent a different style of thread, more long sleeves and jumpers and baggy tee’s throughout the cooler seasons and tight tee’s singlets for the hotter months.

We believe in a SWEAT SHOP FREE environment where all garments are ethically products and have the FAIR WEAR stamp of approval!

Stay tuned girl!